How do I use the Homeroom as an observer?

This lesson applies to users at institutions that have enabled the Canvas for Elementary user interface.

If you have an active observer enrollment in a Canvas for Elementary subject, the Homeroom is the first thing you see when you log into Canvas. The Homeroom helps you see what is happening in all your student's current subjects.

You can return to the Homeroom at any time by clicking the Homeroom link in Global Navigation.


  • If you do not have an active observer enrollment in a Canvas for Elementary subject, the Classic View Dashboard displays.
  • The Canvas for Elementary homeroom does not display favorited subjects. However, any subjects  favorited from the Classic View Dashboard are retained and display in the Classic View Dashboard.

Open Homeroom

Open Homeroom

In Global Navigation, click the Home link.

View Homeroom

In the Homeroom, you can use the drop-down menu to switch between students you are observing [1]. The Homeroom displays only subjects where the selected student is enrolled. Additionally, the Subjects link in the Global Navigation Menu displays the same subjects.

In the Homeroom tab [2], you can view a homeroom announcement, if one has been added by your student's instructor [3].

You can also view your student's subjects [4] and subject details such as assignments that are due today [5], missing assignments [6], or subject announcements [7].

To view more subject details, click the name of the subject [8].

Items that your instructor has marked with an important date display in the sidebar [9].

View Homeroom Schedule

In the Schedule tab [1], you can view various action items for all of your student's subjects by date.

Each item displays the subject name [2], item name [3], number of points (if points have been assigned) [4], and the due date [5].

Each item also displays an icon to differentiate between different assignment types and other items in the Schedule [6].

When an online assignment is submitted, the item is automatically marked as completed. To view completed assignments, click the Show completed item dropdown [7].

To view item details, click the name of the item [8].

View Homeroom Grades

View Homeroom Grades

In the Grades tab [1], you can view grades for each of your student's subjects if allowed by your student's instructor [2].

To view grade details for a subject, click the subject name [3].

Note: If your student's instructor has hidden total subject grades, dashes display in place of the total subject grade [4].

View Homeroom Resources

In the Resources tab [1], you can view important information your student's instructor has added to the homeroom [2].


  • If content has not been added to Important Information, the Important Information section does not display.
  • If student applications have not been added to the homeroom, the Student Applications section does not display.