2 Million Members, Holy Panda! 🎉

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2 Million Members, Holy Panda! This Community continues to impress and excite us with every new season! 

In May, Kristin took us on a history lesson back to the beginning of Community, and over the past few months she’s been celebrating the importance of Growing Together. Today, we commemorate the growth of 2 million individuals from around the world, connected in this virtual community by shared experiences, passions, and dreams.

Together, we’ve experienced 10 InstructureCons, where we’ve enjoyed Community-initiated Game Nights and Unconferences almost every year. We also fondly recall a #JoshCoatesKeynoteBingo initiated by this very Community [or one might say, embarrassment of pandas]. We’ve been awed by Kennethware, Canvacements, #Stepsforbeth, Release Notes Chats, and who can forget #sneakyselfieswithkenneth. We’ve chatted about student-centered learning, humanizing the online environment, MOOCs, OER, credentials, data & analytics, API, Accessibility, instructional design, contingency planning, privacy, and we’re just starting to scratch the surface of artificial intelligence.…We’re stronger together.

While it took us 10 years and 3 community migrations to reach 2 million members, our [panda shaped] crystal ball tells us it won’t take another decade to reach the 3 million milestone, and probably not the 4 million either. What else does our crystal ball say? Well, we’ll likely see a new experience around engagement in Community sometime in 2024, and we’re sure to see AI increase efficiency for all of us when it comes to surfacing the information we need when we need it [anyone seen a Panda Bot around?]. We’ll be sure to dive into those in future blogs!

Thank you for being part of this strong and growing Community and for taking a moment to recognize this momentous milestone of 2 million members. We’ve shared so many fond memories and experiences during the last 10 years - Take a read, relive the moments, or experience them for the first time, and then share yours!

Then, be sure to read Melissa's Instructure Community is Two Million Strong blog and follow along in the Community Hub for ways for you to contribute to the Two Million Members Strong: the Power of Community event.

Remember, When we learn together, we discover together. When we discover together, we grow together.  See you in the Community!


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We moved to Canvas during the pandemic and even with everything going on, our reps, trainers, and account folks were always willing and able to lend us their time to get us started strong. Since then, we have built such good relationships with the amazing people at Instructure and have had so many great experiences! Here's to another 2 mil friends!!



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Cheers to a tremendous achievement. 

Community Member

Glad to be a part of the group.

Community Explorer

Congratulations @Instructure! 🎉 Keep on going with your amazing products and services! 

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it is helpful. 

Community Explorer

Always excellent to hear of success stories.  Canvas has been a brilliant tool for engaging our students and we have recently signed up to use Canvas Credentials, which we think is going to be very impactful too.

It's great to see the community growing too and that instructure notes and acts on Feedback.



Community Participant

I have been using Canvas since almost the beginning and it far surpasses any other LMS. I appreciate how responsive Instructure was during the pandemic and I never felt any hiccups or stalls.

I was fortune enough to attend my first InstructreCon in 2023 and will be back again. 

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I am gad to be a part of the canvas community. I have been using canvas now for roughly three months. My previous software was Blackboard which was similar but difficult to manage. two million and counting. 



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Welcome to canvas community. Hope you enjoy. I have just recently joined the community myself. I also found Blackboard to be difficult. As a navigate through canvas, I like it better.