What is Kennethware?

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USU Design Tools

Be prepared to hear the term "kennethware" used not only in conversations, but also in many presentations at InstructureCon 2015.​ If you don't already know, Kennethware is the project name for a product that Utah State University’s Center for Instructional Design Innovation (CIDI) developed called USU Design Tools. USU Design Tools is a set of tools for Canvas that provides an easy way to build out the module structure of a course including quizzes, discussions, assignments, syllabus, themes, and template pages. It significantly reduces the time it takes instructional designers or instructors to complete these tasks.

USU InstructureCon 2015 Presentations

In addition to the Design Tools, the team at USU is presenting on a variety of other innovative and interesting topics:

Wed 10:15Implementing Captioning with Kaltura and Canvas @tyler_clair ​Silverado: Bobcat
Wed 3:15Supercharge Your Course Development ProcessA00364575Hyatt: Arches
Thu 11:00Ditching a Textbook: A Learning ExperienceA00015317Silverado: Bobcat
Thu 3:15Using data for insight: Case studies using Canvas DataA00364575,  @meghan_lewis Hyatt: Escala A
Thu 4:15The Muse-K Man @kenneth_larsen ​Silverado: Silverado 2

Two Challenges: Cards & Sneaky Selfies

In addition to the USU contingent that will be presenting at InstructureCon 2015​, you can also talk to  @travis_thurston ​, A00301621​ or  @ewander ​ to get your own Design Tools card, and learn more about USU Design Tools. Your challenge is to find  @kenneth_larsen ​ (creator of #Kennethware) and snap a sneaky selfie (like the one below), and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #SneakySelfieswithKenneth.​ The @UtahStateCIDI team will be picking our favorites and handing out digital awards.