Course Pace Automatic Cascading Due Dates

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Automatic cascading due dates would have the ability to take the start date, end date, and the number of assignments and calculate the due dates for each assignment evenly paced between the dates (option #1). Taking it a step further, It would be even more useful if the pacing took into consideration the difficulty level of the assignment to provide a greater or lesser duration for specific assignment types (option #2).

For example, I have a course that starts on August 16 and ends on December 14 with 64 assignments. Total days, minus weekends and blackout days, equal 79.

Option #1

79/64 = 1.23 so the duration would be 1 day for each assignment with the 4 or 5th assignment having a two-day duration.

Option #2

Set duration: Pre-Test = 0, Practice = 1, Quiz = 1, Summative = 2

Then complete option #1 with these specifications.

Similar to what you are able to do with APEX Learning.


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