Course pacing and Assignment Availability Control - Lock out

Community Member

I am wondering if we can have lock out dates enabled with course pacing.  In it's current form, there is no ability to change the availability of an assignment with course pacing.  

We have rolling enrollment, but at a certain point the enrollment closes, and students MUST complete minimum deadlines so that the course is not all submitted at the end.  

With course pacing, it solves the rolling enrollment but NOT the ability to lock out... 

for example, in a 20 week course... the first 8 weeks are open for enrollment.  Then by week 10.... minimum lock outs would occur, to ensure that the latest enroller, actually will be paced to complete the course in 12 weeks that remain.  It also ensures that all items are marked at a certain point for the teacher.  Not still marking assignments from unit 1, on week 17.. or something

I am putting this as a suggested functionality, as I do understand it does not currently exist in it's current stage.