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I have been attempting to find something fancy in the Canvas files for quite some time. I just recently learned about this community and online support which is great! One reoccurring statement I often see if we need to first think of a question and then we can work towards finding a way to answer it. Since the technical nature of this is challenging for me, I really would appreciate if someone took some of the example questions and then did a walk-thru of how to answer the question...preferably in Excel. I am not an SQL person and using the API doc's to set up an automated process is beyond me. I appreciate any feedback. Knowing which files to use and then joining them appropriately is a challenge.

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Hey Jeffery,

First off, welcome to Canvas Data! Hopefully we can help, and get you the data you need. If you get in contact with your CSM they should be able to setup a welcome guide for you with one of our Implementation Consultants. Who can help "Welcome you to Canvas Data", answer some basic setup questions, and help you get started.

In the meantime we have a guide here in the Community space which should show you hot get excel to play nice with Canvas Data files (it has quite a habit of formatting things incorrectly). That page is located here: How do I Open Canvas Data File in Microsoft Excel?



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