CD2 API - Get All Users that are displayed in Users List UI

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Using the CD2 API, what is the suggested way to get the Users from the User's List on UI?  I have tried using Users and Pseudonyms but I am receiving more results compared to my original logic on CD1.  

Also, according to the documentation

  • Users says "Not all users are displayed in users list on UI."
  • Pseudonyms says, "not all users can be found in the pseudonyms table."

Sample data that I am trying to gather:
*Note* With a filter by "StudentEnrollment" and "TeacherEnrollment" in enrollments table.

  • canvas_id ➡️
  • sis_id ➡️ pseudonyms.value.sis_user_id
  • login_id ➡️ pseudonyms.value.unique_id
  • email ➡️ communication_channels.value.path
  • name ➡️
  • short_name ➡️ user.value.short_name
  • avatar_url ➡️ user.value.avatar_image_url

Any feedback and/or suggestion is appreciated.

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