Canvas Data 2 - User Time Zone Code

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Hi Instructure!

Is there a way to access the time zone code for the user's set time zone?


  1. Right now, a user can set their time zone in the LMS to  Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-06:00/-04:00)at /profile/settings.
  2. The time zone value for this user via Canvas Data 2 looks like this: Eastern Time (US & Canada)



The current format, to my knowledge, requires that I manually map every possible time zone selection to the conversion code if I want to analyze user activity in their set time zone. 


Possible Solutions

To convert the time zone (I'm using redshift), I need either the offset which is being stripped, or one of the following code formats: [US/Eastern, EDT]

To me the solutions are either

  1. Add a new column to the users table with the code or offset
  2. Alter the format of existing time zone field in the users table so it includes the code or offset. If it is easier to include the offset via the format that appears in the LMS I can use regex to grab it.


Alternatively, let me know if ya'll know of a better solution! Thank you!