CD2 CLI on windows?

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We're finally getting back to setting up CD2. A year ago, when we tested it, we were using data-access-platform-cli 3.0.0.

That version is no longer available on npm; most recent is v 3.1.4.

However, when we try to use the dap command, we're getting an error (on Windows)

node_modules\.bin\dap --config config.json snapshot accounts
[2022-05-02T20:52:22.533Z info]: Requesting snapshot for accounts....
[2022-05-02T20:52:25.190Z info]: Successfully sent a request for accounts's snapshot
[2022-05-02T20:52:25.196Z error]: Illegal characters in path.

In the past, that's where it would save the zip to your local drive, so I suspect it's not liking Windows path names.   I didn't see any debugging (e.g., -l debug didn't work on windows).  As soon as I can download onto MacOSX, I'll try the dap again.

Anyone currently running the CLI on Windows? If so, what version of CLI?

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