CD2: DAP Client Plans to support non-postgresql databases

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Will the DAP client support other databases (specifically MS SQL Server)? If so, is there an estimated timeline for this? It seems the DAP client is the best tool for building an automated pipeline to a data warehouse and does a lot of the work that would otherwise be tedious via the API.

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Yes, we plan on supporting multiple database engines, and DAP client library has been engineered with this in mind. However, there is currently no timeline for adding support for other database engines such as Microsoft SQL. Currently, we are working on consolidating an extension interface such that contributors can easily add integrations for other database engines. DAP client library database integration is based on SQLAlchemy, which is an abstraction layer supporting many databases. However, there are some PostgreSQL-specific pieces that we need to get rid of or hide behind an interface before new engines like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, etc. can be seamlessly integrated.

Would you be interested in contributing Microsoft SQL support, or beta-testing such an integration if it were available?

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