CD2 Table not initializing via dap

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I am running the following command using the dap client version 0.3.14 and for this specific table (submission_versions) it only downloads 5-6 files then just dies - no error is returned (see attached abbreviated log).

dap --loglevel debug initdb --namespace canvas --table submission_versions

Has anyone seen this that can provide some help in troubleshooting this? I actually saw this intermittently with a few other tables, which finally seem to have resolved on their own for some unknown reason, but this last table has not ever worked... thinking it may be large - but wondering why it only gets 5-6 of the 25 pieces downloaded. Based on the last line that is output before it dies I am guessing it may be a Postgres db issue but I am not sure? I am syncing to an Azure managed PostgreSQL instance from an Azure VM, and have verified that there is adequate physical disk space available on the database but beyond that I am new to PostgreSQL.

I am also curious since there are ~90 tables included with CD2 if people would be willing to post which tables they are most frequently using to help limit scope if possible as we get up to speed!

Thank you in advance!!

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