CD2 not in sync with Admin Analytics or CD1 numbers

Community Participant

I've been working toward "validating" my query results from our Canvas Data 2 instance as compared to Admin Analytics and CD1. Looking at the current term (Fall, 2023), the AA enrollment numbers are:

    Students with activity:  49,444
    Students without activity:  1,850
    Student enrollment:  51,294 (adding the previous 2 numbers)

CD1 student enrollment query result (active/invited):  51,292

However, in CD2, my "distinct" enrollment query returns (active/invited):

    Student enrollment:  24,956

If I expand this to include "any" enrollment workflow_state:

    Student enrollment:  36,472

My CD1 query returns results almost exactly matching the AA numbers. This makes me think that my CD2 query is correct, but that my CD2 instance may be lacking data and that maybe the process I'm using is incorrect. I'm performing a pretty vanilla DAP "syncdb" twice a day which always completes successfully. Thoughts?