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Hi sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere. We are looking to build a data pipeline that can continuously pull data (daily) from Canvas Data 2 API. The current option with Data Access Platform python client looks promising for accomplishing this. However, I can not find any documentation anywhere about how to actually use "instructure-dap-client" in python code, like a readme page about the modules, classes and functions. The only related document I can find now is:

Has anyone spotted any more documentation than above? Or even there is a better way to build a data pipeline using CD2, I'm open to suggestions! Thanks very much in advance!


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@RolfSchenk We are aware that customers use various DB dialects to load data into and that 2 of them will not help everybody. We are seeing these as reference implementations but cannot commit to build out of the box solutions for more. Further DB support is not on our roadmap for this year. Thank you for your understanding.

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