Canvas Data 2 retrievals mostly failing for us in the past hour - is any maintenance work being done by Instructure?

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I've noticed that most of our table retrievals have been failing in the past hour (using CD2 REST api to retrieve tables. We've been getting 503 responses for most tables ('service unavailable'). Are others experiencing this too? Is Instructure aware of problems and working on a solution to them? 

Here's an update to this problem: my script stopped after 80 minutes. During this time, it retrieved successfully about 50% of the tables, with the other 50% failing with the same type of 'service unavailable' error. NOTE: the script attempts to re-retrieve failed retrievals a maximum of 3 times. 

This makes me wonder about the readiness of CD2 for prime time - can Instructure please update us as to what is happening? 

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

This is to say that we were receptive to your feedback and have included Canvas Data 2 service on the Instructure status page under Canvas LMS. In case, next time an outage happens, this will be flagged and we will provide more thorough communication as well.

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