Finding Course Pages and Module Pages separately

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I was wondering if anyone has found a good way to find course pages (pages that are not directly associated with a learning module) in CD2? I was hoping that content_tags would have a way to do it with content_type and tag_type. So far the best route I have found seems to be pages defined in wiki_pages that do not have a matching record in content_tags.

Before I continued down this route I wanted to see if perhaps I missed something and there was an attribute out there to separate these two types of pages. Ideally I prefer explicitly searching for values over relying on the absence of them, since there can be other factors in play that could cause the absence.

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Community Coach

@MikeRichards I think the route you identified is the correct and only way to distinguish pages in modules and pages not in modules. No column in wiki_pages indicates whether the page is include in one or more course modules.

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