How do I permanently mass delete outcomes?

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I've been testing adding outcomes to my courses on the free for teachers site (  )

In doing this, I've created/deleted a lot of courses to start fresh every now and again. 

What I've run into is that when I import an outcomes csv I get an error like "Row 3: Outcome with ID db656dba-3ee7-423e-9020-626812d8c8d3 already exists in another unrelated course or account (StandardsTest10-31-18)"

But I have already deleted this course, so there's no way to do anything about the problem. 

What this does is it makes for the groups to import correctly, but the outcomes do not. I think what's happening is that the outcomes imported for previous courses still exist in a db or something and they are preventing the new records from being created (though I'm not super sure why the groups seem to import okay, those IDs are reused as well). 

Anyhow, how can I delete all outcomes I have created regardless of what course they were created in?

Preferably, this would be a mass delete rather than clicking on each group to delete, my import contained a lot of groups.