How to distinguish SIS added users vs. Manually added.

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I have heard that it is possible to distinguish Canvas users who are added by an SIS process vs. manually added users.  We would like to know what the relevant Canvas data attribute would be to distinguish them.  We need to remove some previously added SIS TAs who are no longer assigned that role, but our SIS process does not currently address that, so we need to run a separate upload to delete them but we want to EXCLUDE manually added TAs since those need to remain intact.



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Hi @patfm,

Using Canvas Data the the pseudonym_dim.sis_user_id will identify users who were created with an SIS_ID. Manually created users could have an SIS_ID if they were added via the UI, but this will depend on your process.

You could JOIN (user_dim and pseudonym_dim) your enrollment_dim for TA's and look for those without an SIS_ID.

Another option would be to use Account Reports

The Provisioning Report particularly can be useful here, as you can get the users and role, and remove all users that aren't currently found in your SIS, or delete that role for all users where user_id (user sis_id) is null.



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There is a setting when you run the provisioning report. If you run it through the front end, make sure to check the box that says "Include deleted items" and those enrollments will be included in the report. I forget what the argument is for pulling it through the API but it's there.

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