Incremental query with missing pseudonym entries

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Hi - I'm using DAPClient 1,1 and postgres 16

With an incremental query I've discovered we seem to have started losing pseudonym "id"'s. e.g. 2720 has 2689, but in the pseudonymn table 2689 has been skipped, so has 2693. Confirmed that this relationship does exist in live API. No errors in DAP output per below. And just did a snapshot query outside postgres of pseudonym's and it's in that table.  

There are no error messages in the logs. It was identified in a query today and only seems to have affected today's logs.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? And how do can these errors be detected?

I figure I'm going to have to drop that table... or recreate from scratch, but that also means recreating views, etc.

Fresh Snapshot query for pseudonymns contains:

Logs from the postgres DAP query:
INFO:pysqlsync.postgres:PostgreSQL version 16.0.2 final
2024-04-15 11:27:03,060 - INFO - Query started with job ID: a45e6b97-...
2024-04-15 11:28:12,709 - INFO - Query job still in status: running. Checking again in 5 seconds...
2024-04-15 11:28:19,132 - INFO - Data has been successfully retrieved:
{"id": "a45e6b97-...", "status": "complete", ...}
INFO:pysqlsync:267 rows have been inserted or updated into "canvas"."pseudonyms"
WARNING:pysqlsync:no rows to delete


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