Reports vs data: unpublished courses

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When I pull a canvas provisioning report I see a status column that lists courses as unpublished or published. Makes perfect sense.

At my school we use oracle and have a reporting dashboard provided by OIT. When I search for unpublished courses I have to look at Course Workflow State as completed, claimed, created, or deleted. OK, fine. Courses with the state of Created or Claimed should be unpublished. But the numbers don't match up with what I see on the provisioning report.

Does canvas data look at different tables than the reporting page in the UI?

I'm trying to obtain a list of unpublished classes with 5 or fewer students, so I need the data reporting--provisioning won't cut it. I can think of ways around this but I don't trust what's coming from canvas data. It seems wrong and esoteric. Anyone else had this complaint?