conversation_messages.context_type only has Account?

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I was investigating if I can find out if a student messaged a course teacher.

When I looked at our CD2 conversation_messages table, all the context_type seems to be Account.

I could work backwards a bit, e.g.,

1) find all the student's courses

2) find the teachers for the courses

3) find messages where only the student, teacher participated.

But then I lose some data.  If the teacher happens to be teaching more than one course that the student is enrolled in, I cannot tell what course it pertains.

Is there any other way to figure out course context for the conversation_message that I'm missing?





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While I haven't really looked carefully at the data in these tables yet, I see there is also the 'conversations' table, which is linked to 'conversation_messages'. It appears that the conversations table *does* have different values of 'context_type', one of which is 'Course'., aside from 'Account' and 'Group'. So in theory, perhaps you could use this table to keep track of the course the conversation is in (just an idea).

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