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Using the API - I've read it all, but I need a helping hand!!

I'm doing some learning and work on making API calls to Canvas. I'm almost there - I can write the calls in Postman and get json results. Now I need to go over the next hurdle of learning - using python or some other coding language to actually deal with the json data - for example getting it formatted in a CSV, looping through pages of data to get all results, and writing scripts to automate the API calls daily or weekly or whatever. 

I've read the posts about pagination, I've read the getting started guides, I've read through a lot. But there is this wall - this wall of understanding. I can use API structure to write queries and that's great. But the next part, using code to be more effective at getting, formatting, and exporting the data - this wall is getting me! I'm not a programmer.

Who out there is willing to Zoom and help me out? Honestly what I need is probably so so so simple to the people on this forum. I'll pay you for your time of course!

Thanks in advance.

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