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Change the "Reply" button text to "Post" or "Share"

For the discussion redesign, please consider changing the "Reply" button text to Post, Share, or another label.  Many of our discussions are open ended, like a "Please share your questions about the final project" or "Post your introduction below!" forum where "Reply" may confuse students not sure if they're sharing a new post or replying to another student.  This would also help clarify instructions to students when we say "click the Reply link to respond to another student", compared to having two Reply options.

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Hi @brendan_lake, are we talking about the Reply button in the Discussion Topic area only?

Yes, that's correct.  In my opinion, "Reply" is appropriate when responding or adding to another post in the discussion area, but the top topic/prompt area would be better served by a broader term like "Post."  Thanks for your help and for welcoming our input.

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Gotcha, thanks for your feedback! I'll bring this back to my team.

Best, Katrina