Discussion Redesign student settings for the course should be included in course settings import

Community Coach
Community Coach

With the Discussion Redesign enabled, there are five checkboxes for Student Settings in the Discussion Settings modal window. Three student settings (Create discussion topics, Edit and delete their own replies, Attach files to discussions) are original, and two (Create anonymous discussion topics, Report replies) are specific to new functionality delivered in the redesign. The three original student settings checkboxes also appear in course settings > Details > more options, and their states are included in content imports (unless course settings are excluded). The two new student settings' states do not seem to be included in content imports. (I have done a couple of test imports, and the new settings' states did not change.)

The "Create anonymous discussion topics" and "Report replies" student settings are course settings and should be included when course settings are imported from another course.

(I also think the two new student settings should be shown alongside the three original settings under course settings > Details > more options. But the point I want to highlight is that they should be included in content imports.)