Discussions Redesign: Difficulty Differentiating between Posts and Replies

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I am reaching out on behalf of instructors I support who have been utilizing the updated Discussions interface. Some instructors have expressed difficulty in clearly distinguishing between original posts and replies within discussion threads.

To enhance the user experience and facilitate easier navigation through discussions, I would like to propose the following formatting changes:

  1. Increased Indentation: Please consider implementing a more prominent indentation for replies within a thread. This change to the visual hierarchy will make it easier for users to identify the relationship between posts and follow the flow of the conversation.
  2. Distinct Formatting: In addition to indentation, applying different formatting to original posts and replies would greatly improve readability. Some suggestions include:
    • Using different background colors or shading to visually separate original posts from replies
    • Applying distinct border styles or thicknesses to differentiate between post levels
    • Employing contrasting font styles, sizes, or colors to further distinguish original posts from replies
  3. Visual Icons or Labels: Incorporating visual icons or labels to clearly mark original posts and replies could provide an intuitive way for users to identify the structure of the discussion at a glance.

Thank you for your consideration,


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