Improving Announcements

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Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong forum…

Two frustrations with Canvas announcements which I haven't seen mentioned in any of the discussions about the pending redesign so I'm creating this post. Looking through the community history, both of these have been raised by numerous people, going back 7+ years. Many teachers really want these features, so I was disappointed that they weren't mentioned as part of the redesign. 

First, when copying an old Canvas Course, most content is moved over without too much of a headache, with the largest exception being announcements. The profile icon associated with copied announcements is a "U", which draws students' attention to the fact that you're copying content from an older course. Once I edit an announcement, the profile icon should be updated to show I am in fact the author (which I was in the prior Canvas course, so I don't know why authorship isn't also copied over). I know it's possible to copy an announcement's content into a new announcement, but this also requires updating other settings (including the delay schedule), all of which introduces opportunities for mistakes. 

Second, there needs to be a way to save an announcement as a draft or have the option to publish/unpublish announcements like most other content in Canvas. I have a handful of announcements I don't always need to make each semester but there's currently no where to save these without them eventually being sent to students (I have made the mistake multiple times of setting the "delay until" date way into the future, only to forget about it and have an unfinished or irrelevant announcement sent to students). 

I really hope these changes are made in the upcoming redesign.