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Initial Discussion Redesign Feedback

The test version of the New Discussions Layout was turned on in our instance. We eventually reverted to the old layout due to a number of difficulties experienced with the new layout:

  • It’s not immediately obvious when there are replies, and some users missed these altogether at first.
  • The back and forth between the thread and the replies that follow is not intuitive and can be frustrating.

We understand why canvas is trying something new. The new layout reduces scrolling, for example, and may look cleaner to some people. However, as we had more questions about this than anything else, we decided to revert.

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Thank you very much for being a valued member of this Community and for sharing this feedback, it has been noted. I am the new Product Manager for Collaborate, which includes Discussions. If you are at all interested in scheduling some 1:1 conversation time, please feel free to do so here:

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Well that's annoying. I wrote a long post, was asked to sign in, signed in, and post was gone.  Here I go again.    I truly dislike the new discussion design. It dumbs down the class and reduces engagement.  1. Students often read posts "casually;"  that is, they scroll and skim until something catches their eye.  They can no longer do that. Students will not be opening individual  posts one by one to look at.  2.  I want students to read my replies to others.  They can no longer easily see where I have replied.   3. I would often post an image or video in a reply in order to grab attention from the skimmers/scrollers but that is no longer a viable tactic. Additionally I encouraged students to do the same.  4. We can't reply to a reply?  Where's the discussion?  Long threads grab attention of others and allow deeper interaction. 5.  I access the discussion board several times in the week.  How can I easily see who I have replied to versus who I have merely read,  without opening each one?  Time waste! I am thankful after this recent semester that I have been able to revert to the original discussion design via Settings.