Is anything on the horizon for the discussions redesign?

Community Contributor

It looks like the last real feature release in the redesign was in January 2022--a few things were refined and updated in March. But it looks like nothing since then. 

It also looks like there's nothing on the roadmap for new features added to the discussions redesign in the next three quarters. 

There have been three major things that I know of that people have been asking for in discussions for the last decade (that's not an exaggeration): 

  1. Nested topics, like Blackboard (I'm not a huge proponent of this, but I know people have been clamoring for this. I also understand why it's not seen as a huge issue).
  2. @ mentions. That happened in the redesign, which is great. 
  3. Multiple due dates for a discussion board. NOT differentiated due date visibility. 

There was early mention of a Checkpoint functionality that was in discovery for the discussion redesign, but no recent mention of it. This would allow for multiple due dates for one discussion. 

Is there any ETA on Checkpoints? Has it been abandoned for now? Is this functionality simply *not* on the horizon? 

I hope it's still in the works, but I'd rather not hope in vain!

Thanks for any updates on the timeline!