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Issues with Canvas Redesign

1. Please make all the replies on each thread default to showing for everyone.  I look through the Discussion Board to see what I have replied to and what I have not replied to.  I don't always reply right away since I like to see if students will reply, and also since I have multiple classes I don't always remember which posts I have replied to.  With the redesign every time I go into a Discussion Board I would need to click reply on each post to see what is going on in each thread.  Additionally, students will learn much less from our Discussion Boards because they are not going to click on the reply link to see what I have written, or what their other classmates have written on every post.  They might do this for their own post, but not for all the posts.  The students need to be able to scroll through and see everything that is going on with the Discussion Board without clicking.  This feature of the redesign makes class learning much less effective on the Discussion Board.

2.  Another way I keep track of whether I need to look back at a post or not is by having Canvas mark them as unread.  I used to just click the blue circle to have the marked as read when I wanted it that way.  Now you need to do two clicks to accomplish this.  I do this so often that this is a significant feature for me, and others as well I would imagine.  Please do not take away the ability to click on the blue circle to mark it as read.  Thank you!

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Hi @mary_bolton, thanks for your feedback.

For item #1: Currently there is a bug with the Unread filter where it is only showing unread parent replies. In a future release, the Unread filter will show all unread replies. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 6.28.22 PM.png


For item #2: We decided to remove interactivity from the unread badge because it was causing other issues. We will evaluate usage and continue to monitor feedback of this change.