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Multiple Announcements

I found it virtually impossible to post the same announcement to all of my 4 classes.  I literally had to create it 4 times.  I couldn't "copy it to" nor could I save to the commons and put it in announcements (it would let me add it to a module).  If I am missing something here, please advise.  If this is the current reality, why not be able to multiply-post announcements?  They don't have the same variability as assignments nor the risk of modules being different.

Thanks in advance.

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@MRMinyard , You might want to add your vote to this feature request: 

This is something that the Canvas Community has requested for many years. In the old community site, it had hundreds of votes, but unfortunately the vote count was lost when Instructure migrated to a different community platform.


Thanks for letting me know about this @MrMinyard13 and for the additional context @leward. I will take this feature request back to my team, including the feedback from