Getting Started - Standards

The information below is intended to help you to understand and maintain your standards license in Elevate Standards Alignment.

Accessing Your Standards

If you are using the Classic Edition (file delivery), please see the Standards Alignment - Classic folder for details on settings and requesting documents for delivery.

If you are using the Standard Edition or Professional Edition, please familiarize yourself with the API documentation related to Elevate Standards Alignment.

Understanding Your Standards License

On the Elevate Standards Alignment home page, you have a Manage Standards License link. This link allows you to view the standards for which you are licensed and manage those documents in your account.

Once you've navigated to this page, you see several tabs. Please review the article Managing Standards for a thorough explanation of each tab.

Adding New Standards to Your License

If at any time you would like to add standards to your license, you may do so via our Support team. To review our supported standards available for subscription, please see Supported Standards by Authority Type. If you do not see the desired standards listed in this document, please contact Support for additional information.