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Hello, I am leaving my institution and I want to import my Canvas courses to Free Canvas for teachers.   I do not see how I am able to do this.   I know how to import a course from an existing course, but this is within the same institution.   Please help me.   Thank you.   Glenn C


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Hi @GlennCarlstran1 

First, you need to export the course and save the exported course file: 

Then, you need to log into the new Canvas server, go to the course where you want the content, and import the saved export file: 

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Hi @GlennCarlstran1 ...

In addition to the helpful information you got from @mzimmerman, I wanted to provide you with a link to this page which includes a PDF document comparing a paid Canvas environment to a Free For Teachers account.  There is a limitation on the storage space for FFT courses, so if your current course is more than 500 MB, you're going to need to trim down your files in some way.

Canvas Free-for-Teacher FAQ (

Hope this helps!

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