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I am using the Canvas Free-For-Teacher account as part of an experiment for my dissertation for my doctorate. I have created modules for college students to access and I need help with the following issues.

  • I have set up my course for open enrollment and have students click the appropriate link to enroll. I want students to be able to sign into my course as many times as needed to complete the modules.  However, when testing this out once the student is enrolled; the person gets an email to finish enrolling by setting up a password. But when the person tries to use the password, the password does not work, and the person cannot get back into my Canvas course a second time. Please tell me what steps I should follow to correct this?


  • Is there a way for students to just see my modules when they sign onto Canvas and not see the homepage or the dashboard?


  • My plan is to create a website, and place a link to Canvas onto the website, along with a few other links. Is it possible to place my free-for-teacher Canvas link onto a website for students taking part in my experiment to access?


  • I want to make it so that students must complete Module1 Before they can start module 2, then they must complete module 2 before they can start module 3… and so on. I have tried using the prerequisites, but it doesn’t seem to work very well. What can I do so students have to complete one module before they start the next module?

Looking forward to your prompt reply.

Thanks so much.