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Students have free Canvas Account using school email address. Can they also login with Google login?

I setup my classes using a the Free-For-Teacher at by adding each student's email address (under People) & inviting them.

Now, sometimes, some students click the Google login on, which logs them in, but they don't have any classes.

Is there a way, after the fact, that the Google login can be added so that students can access my class? My school uses gmail for their Google with the website

Thanks for your help.


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I had this issue too. You have to have them go into their profile, settings, and if there is a really long number (like 20 digits) then they have to give you that email, and you have to reconnect them. (add student, then its the middle selection i think log in ssd) it will re enroll them but unfortunately i think it takes out everything they have done. But i have found that once you do that, it doesnt happen again. They then just have to change their name from numbers back to their name and you should be good to go. 

Thanks for the quick response. I was hoping there was a way of doing it without losing access to all of the work they've already submitted, but it appears there isn't.

I think next year, I'll have the students use their Google link to join my class right from the beginning.