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Appointment Group with varying locations and slot sizes

I would like to use Canvas to let students sign up for group sessions. The sessions are in different rooms, and the rooms have different sizes. For instance, one session is scheduled on Monday at 10 in room A with 20 seats, another session on Tuesday at 13 in room B with 30 seats, etc. Each student should sign up for one session only.

I thought I should use the Scheduler tool to create an Appointment Group for this, with one appointment slot per session. But in an appointment group all slots must be at the same location, and have the same user limit, so this wouldn't work. I could have one appointment group per session, of course, but then a student could sign up for more than one session.

Any advise on how I could use Canvas for this?


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Hi,  @psj ​​ After saving a set of timeslots in an appointment group, you can edit the individual timeslots to do several different things:

  • Vary the capacity of an individual appointment, or make it unlimited.
  • Fill in per-appointment Description details, such as location for that timeslot;
  • or remove signed-up students

The steps are similar to what's shown in this Instructor Guide lesson:

How do I remove students from an appointment in the Scheduler?

(Please note that Scheduler currently shows an appointment group in an Agenda-like view, rather than the Week view shown in the Locate Appointment Slot and ​View Calendar screenshots in that lesson.)

The appointments will be shown with "Available" or "Full" labels, alongside other assignments and events in the calendar.  Locate the appointment slot and press Edit; the form which pops up has a changeable Limit this slot to ____ users entry blank.

At our institution, when each appointment slot has a different location, we'll leave Location blank when creating the appointment group, and then use the per-slot Description to fill in the location.  (The Details you set when saving an appointment group will be copied to each Description, but those can be edited per-slot using the technique above.)