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Canvas gradebook icon...what's it mean?

So my Canvas gradebook is showing this icon in some of the student grades. 307091_pastedImage_3.png

I've never seen it before and can't find it referenced in any of the guides. It's not shown in How do I use the icons and colors in the Gradebook?

Can someone explain what this is?


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New Member

Isn't that the icon to represent an upload has occurred?

Community Member

Thanks, Caitlin. Yes, it is, but so does a little "paper sheet icon."

But I also just discovered this on the assignment description. It says307093_pastedImage_1.png

It's also with the individual student submission with an attached file, like this: 307094_pastedImage_2.png

Then it's in the gradebook column, too: 


Both the "paper sheet" icon and the up arrow say "File Upload Submission" when hovering over the icon. But all of them have the up arrow with the individual file submission (like above), and clicking on it downloads the attached file.

So it's used inconsistently for Re-Upload on the assignment page, and file download on the student submission, and isn't referenced anywhere in the documentation. Very confusing!

Can someone from Canvas please clarify?

Thank you!

 @deborah_oakley1 , The best way to get a response from Canvas about a question like this is to post the question in the Comments section of the specific guide - 

Hope this helps! Kona