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Entering Grades Manually

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I am a newbie with Canvas so this is an elementary question. If I want to give my quizzes/tests as paper/pencil in class, how can I enter that grade in the Canvas gradebook?  I have searched for an answer in the guides but haven't found anything for an answer. Thanks!

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 @rose_henness ​, welcome to Canvas! Any graded assignment that you create will populate the Gradebook with a column. In your specific case, you want to give students a quiz on paper. I would do that by creating an assignment called "In Class Quiz" (or as detailed a name and description as you'd like to include), and set it to be of the "On Paper" submission type.

This Canvas Guide explains that in greater detail: How do I add details to an assignment?  In the section "Select Submission Type," the On Paper type is described as follows:

On Paper is when you want students to submit an assignment to you but not through Canvas. This assignment type applies to traditional face-to-face courses or hybrid courses when you want the assignment turned in during class, but you still want to create a column in the Canvas Gradebook for grading purposes.

So after you've collected the paper quizzes and have graded them, you can click on the Grades tab to enter your grades into the Gradebook--or you can use the SpeedGrader to navigate to each student and enter the grades that way.

Please let us know if you have additional questions about this!

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