Group member evaluations

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Many of our classes have students submitting projects as a group, and one way the individual members are evaluated is by taking into account their teammates' ratings of their contributions. For example, Group 1 (set up as a group in Canvas) submits its assignment. Then, each member of Group 1 rates how her teammates contributed. The ratings that each group member has received are added up and used to assign a grade.

Setting this up and aggregating the scores can be a very tedious process. We've tried various things to streamline it, including creating surveys in Qualtrics, Canvas, and Google Forms, but these require a lot of manual work to set up each time.

What we'd like it is a tool that will automatically populate a survey with the names of a student's group members, and once members have rated each other, aggregate the ratings given to each member (or output the ratings as a csv or some such).

I know folks have asked for these feature a few times over the years (e.g. Peer Evaluation for Group Projects), and that institutions have developed their own tools that they host and support themselves (e.g. iPeer). But does anyone have any experience with LTIs from vendors (or clever Javascripts) that can do this?

Thanks a ton!