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Is there a way to view results from all rubrics in a class at once?

I've been using rubrics to be able to grade each problem on a homework separately. Seems to work fine, and I get a total grade pretty easily.

I'd like to now see the results for each problem on a homework. This way, I can see if certain problems need to be modified, based on the grades.

I can view the rubric for one student, but is there a way to see the results for all the rubrics for a single assignment at once. Essentially, I would to see something like this:

NameRubric Entry 1Rubric Entry 2....
Student 1score Student 1, rubric entry 1score Student 1, rubric entry 2...
Student 2score Student 2, rubric entry 1score Student 2, rubric entry 2...

Perhaps there's an export option I'm missing?


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Hi there,  @bitzerp !

I wanted to follow up on your question about rubrics. Were you able to get things worked out? Since this question is from over a year ago, I am going to go ahead and mark it as "Assumed Answered." In the event you are still running into an issue, please let us know! We'd love to help out!

I don't see where this was answered.

I don't see an answer either.

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Dear Phillip and Kenneth

I too, would love a spreadsheet like this for 120 assessment tasks with a complex rubric. The rubric has 24 criteria; each worth a few marks. I would like to see this as a spreadsheet with each criteria exported as a column. This way, I can do some further analytics to gain insight into areas of weakness across our cohort. 

Was there a way to perform this export?

At the moment I am looking at setting up a spreadsheet and manually copying data from speedgrader across to the spreadsheet.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I concur with this thread.  Same need:  gathering data from individual rubric categories for all students, needed for accreditation.


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I know there is a way using API calls to pull information. I will go back to my notes and look. I want to say someone came up with something, but I am not 100% sure.

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An "item analysis" for rubrics would help us. We need data for accreditation. We want to evaluate each section of a course and a group of sections within a semester to see where students need most improvement. Is there a way to do this in Canvas?

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Better options to consolidate and export data from rubrics would be really valuable to us.

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This would be such a helpful option. I would like to see it implemented as well.

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This feature would really help me with assessment. Please help us find a way to easily collect the data.