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I have admin access, and I am looking for the right permission to allow a TA to view the grade book but not have the ability to enter or modify scores.  The interface is great for seeing who has submitted, who still needs to be graded, and who has not submitted, regardless of the due date. I want the TA to have this function.

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Community Coach

Hello @JJacobs7 ...

That would all be handled via your "Permissions" screen as a Canvas administrator.

Within the "Course Roles" tab of the "Permissions" page, there is a column for "TA" (Teaching Assistant).  If you make any changes to the "TA" role, those changes will apply for all people who currently have the TA role within that particular account.  You'll want to look for the rows:

  • Grades - edit
  • Grades - select final grade for moderation
  • Grades - view all grades
  • Grades - view audit trail

Clicking on each of these will display a slide-out tray on the right side of your screen.  Each row provides "WHAT IT DOES" and "ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS" sections which I highly recommend reviewing before you make any changes.  These areas will give you a better understanding on each of the permissions and whether or not you'll want to make any modifications to them.

You could also leave the "TA" role alone and create a brand new "custom" role if you thought that you wanted to leave the "TA" role "as is" yet have some similarities in a "custom" role.  For example, maybe you want to have a "custom" role called "Gradebook View Only"...and only allow people with that role to view the Gradebook.  Just throwing that out as another option.  You could create the new role based on the "TA" Base Type.  (See the third link that I provided above.)

I hope this will help a bit.  Sing out if you have any other questions, and I'm sure someone from the Community will be happy to help.  Take well.

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