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Add Immersive Reader to Assignments and Quizzes.

Add Immersive Reader to Assignments and Quizzes.

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The Immersive Reader is great on pages.  My EL students really need it to be on assignments as well.  They can't read the assignment so they don't know what they are being asked to do.  The same goes for quizzes, they can't answer properly because they can't read the questions.  Please add the Immersive Reader to Assignments and Quizzes.

Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing these ideas. You'll find that the conversations around each one are already underway at Immersive Reader in Assignments - Canvas Community and Immersive Reader in New Quizzes - Canvas Community . Please add your comments and ratings to those ideas. We've archived this one to keep those threads from splintering off.


I've been communicating with Canvas about this for a few weeks now. This is a way to work around having multiple Pages and Assignments linked in a module. By the way. the Kami integration with Canvas is rather amazing! Get the trial version of Kami and you can link an assignment to a page in Canvas. The student can take the quiz or do the assignment in Kami, which reads to them and basically is an awesome PDF editor, and then press a submit button in Kami which sends it back to Canvas to be Speed Graded. Kami is $4-5 per month for an individual but it is well worth the money for disability use.