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Canvas Passback to PowerSchool - Missing

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Canvas Passback to PowerSchool - Missing

Canvas passes back to PowerSchool a "late" indicator if assignments are turned in or scored by Canvas after the due date/time.  Even when I don't want it to... it does.

Canvas DOES NOT pass back to PowerSchool that an assignment is "missing" even though I have specifically chosen the "missing" indicator in Canvas.

It would be so much more useful for students, parents, teachers, if that "missing" indicator could be passed over to PowerSchool.

Community Member

This is extremely important to me as when I put my grades in and select the missing tag in PowerSchool. Canvas overrides the missing tag in PowerSchool when it updates. This is extremely frustrating and seems like a fairly easy thing to integrate since the missing, exempt and other tags go through. This would make a ton of teachers extremely happy and make our lives a lot easier. Please take this into consideration over the number of up votes. 

Thank You


Not only is it not passing back that an assignment is marked missing, but it is writing over missing tags that have been given in the gradebook.  This is a problem as PowerSchools mobile app uses these features in a major way to communicate to parents.

Please fix this