Control if user can adjust profile


We would like the ability to control if a user can adjust their picture by role.  We normally do not let students adjust their own pictures.  

Community Team
Community Team
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Community Coach
Community Coach

I think one of the issues in implementing this idea would be that Canvas doesn't really categorize users as any particular role.  All users are basically equal, and their abilities are tied to roles in individual courses.  For example, I could be an instructor of HIST-101, but a student in POL-101.  Not so say this makes the idea impossible, but I'm not sure everyone would agree with how to deal with ambiguous situations like that (some would likely deny change ability to anyone with a student role in any course, while others would probably allow the change ability to anyone with a single teacher role).

I think you might be able to accomplish some of this with custom js for the web interface, but i'm not as familiar with corresponding lockdowns like that on the apps.


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