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Creating a Conference for a Single Section

Creating a Conference for a Single Section

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-09-15).

In a course consisting of multiple sections, it would be very useful to be able to create a Conference for a single section, similar to creating an assignment.

Community Member

YES!!!  Big need for that!

New Member

Yes please! I will be using this to teach 5 sections of the same course remotely now, and I need to meet with one section at a time.

New Member

Please, managing high school class without restricting to sections or going through and ticking a student at a time is crazy!

New Member

Please make this an option.  I have just start using Canvas with my courses synced.  It seems to be good except for if I want to conference with individual sections it is a hassle.  It would be very convenient to be able to choose a section to conference with.

Community Participant

Very good and welcome idea in these times. Of course, next to sections, it would be good to be able to select students for a Conference based on Groups. Please add that to the idea.

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It would be very helpful to have the ability to create a conference for a particular grade or block similar to when sending an announcement you can select which section to send to.  Clicking on individual names out of a list of hundreds of students is very time consuming!

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This would be incredibly helpful during distance learning. I have multiple sections and students are getting confused as to when they should be showing up for their class. Thanks!

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Status changed to: Open
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Today called Canvas support to cross list my courses. As  the agent started to assist me through the process, a colleague texted me to inform me that when courses are cross listed I could not have BBB conferences. Therefore I had to uncross list my courses and work with them individually. So sad that we are not able to do both. It is a downside of Canvas.

I also would like for grades from Canvas automatically be reflected on Skyward without the teacher having to go from one program to the next. These should be synced.

I love Canvas and trust that more improvements are forthcoming.

New Member

I support this idea whole-heartedly.  During distance learning, creating an unlimited-time class creates some problems; instead, I have to create a new conference for each period.  Students receive multiple emails about invitations each day.  

New Member

This feature is urgently needed. It's frustrating and confusing that students get messages inviting them to conferences (which are in fact classes) that are outside of their assigned time. 

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This is a huge need right now.

New Member

I'm adding my comment to support this suggestion.  Canvas does a good job at keeping a student's section information intact for other purposes.  It is very much needed within Conferences as well.  Being able to invite Groups made within Canvas would also be helpful.

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This would be so helpful in creating conferences more quickly. We are currently being required to hold up to 6 conferences per day for different sections of students within the same course. It would be so much  more convenient if we could click on a Section title rather than having to scroll through all students enrolled in the course (this can sometimes be up to 140 kids!).

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Big need for this feature. 

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Having this functionality in Canvas, in my opinion, is vital to managing stress and workload of teachers.  Without this function, the time saving aspect of other features (like cross listing) is completely wasted when a teacher is having to scroll and sort through 100+ students to create the sections (or cohorts) required for that class.  Logically, it should also follow to have this feature available if the platform is able to allow instructors to assign other tasks to certain sections.

New Member

HUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE need.  I cannot emphasized this enough.  I cannot believe that I have to click my mouse 150 times everyday just to set up conferences for the different co-horts that my district has designed.  

New Member

Please add this feature

Community Member

In conferences, it would be very helpful to be able to invite students by section.  We have several courses where a large number of students share the asynchronous content, but are divided into sections for live online instruction and discussion in Canvas Conferences.  Right now, it looks like the only options for Conferences are to invite all students, or to choose individual students.  It would be very helpful for instructors to be able to invite all the students in a given section to the conference.

New Member

Please add this feature.  As we all continue to work remotely and many more district are jumping into Canvas, we need this option.  Staff have cross-listed courses to make sharing content easier, but not being able to limit a Conference may make some teachers use a different Conferencing Tool.