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Direct Share: Remove Dates on Copy To

Direct Share: Remove Dates on Copy To

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The Direct Share feature, specifically the "Copy To" feature has been great! I have a couple little requests to tweak it. It doesn't include the ability to remove dates like the "Import Course Content" process does. When teachers create a late policy in the gradebook and they copy over assignments using "Copy To," it automatically applies the late policy if the due date occurred in the past. Or if they are copying from a previous grading period, they cannot edit the due date. Giving the teachers the ability to remove dates during the direct share process would be very helpful.

Something like this might do the trick!

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 9.11.00 AM.png

Additionally, it would be great if items came over as unpublished by default. But let's not get greedy 🙂

Community Team
Community Team
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Voting this up!  Yes please!

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This would be really helpful and keep the gradebook clean!

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Up vote! I just ran into this with a teacher today. They've been using 'copy to' to copy assignments from an old course to a current course and students are receiving 0's right away because of the missing policy in the gradebook. Since Canvas now auto-removes the missing flag when a grade is entered (even a 0), we've encouraged teachers to use a missing policy to set work as missing. So our work around just causes problems in a different work flow.