Directly message student list of missing assignments


For teachers of K-12 students it would be very, very helpful for teachers to be able to message students a list of every missing assignment in the course, from which they could click directly to each missing assignment. Ideally, this would be as simple as the great messaging that currently exists for missing individual assignments.

 I realize that students can find this information themselves, but they cannot always be trusted to do so.  This addition would make my life as a teacher of middle school students much simpler; when students have many missing assignments, 15 individual messages are far more overwhelming/less helpful than one single one with all the information they need.  

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Community Team
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This would be SOOOOOOO useful!

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This would be very helpful at the K-12 level. We currently have other systems we use just to keep track of missing work for students. If we could message students all their missing work, across all courses we could keep this all within Canvas.

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Running a report for missing work is helpful, but the current process is cumbersome.  In the grade book when we click on an assignment we have the option of "message students who"... I frequently have two or three students who are missing multiple assignments, it would be more helpful if, in the grade book, I could click on the student name and be given the option "message a list of *** ".  From there the options could be "Missing work", "scores lower than", "late work", etc

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