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Document Scanner

Document Scanner


Document Scan as an upload feature. 

Reasoning: Currently, for my course, uploading notes is a vital component of grading. Our school has limitations regarding the use of various apps, but if Canvas developed an integrated Document Scanner that allows students to take a photo of their notes or paper assignment, and trim the image to the edges of the paper. Many times, this allows students to submit their work to Canvas either as a PDF or a PNG.

Similar apps that work in such a manner are Adobe Scan and DocScan. 

This would valuable when working on grading assignments and issuing comments as opposed to simply having a student submit a photograph of their paper assignment or set of notes for note checks.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Think about Math!!  All of those teachers who still want handwritten math assignments!  And foreign languages, especially Chinese.  

Learner II

I can see why this would be useful in the lower grades. 

Community Member

I agree with Beth Crook. As a math teacher, I would find this incredibly valuable when asking students to submit homework that involves showing their work. A PDF is much easier to read on a screen. Love this idea! Plus, I think PDF's load a little faster than JPEG's when using SpeedGrader.


As another math teacher, Adobe Scan works well. There is a blog post in the Teaching Math in Canvas group about submitting homework . Some of my comments there go into why PDF is better than JPG for grading.


This would be very helpful!! 


I just requested a photo option in rce for elementary students to use. This would work the same! It would help kids during distance learning be able to get feedback on handwriting, thinking maps, and math processes that require picture representation!


This would be extremely helpful!


A quick way to upload photos into Canvas would be very helpful.  My homeschool parents are quite frustrated with the numerous steps it takes to submit handwritten work.  Thanks for considering adding a tool in Canvas to facilitate this.  

Surveyor II

A built in document scanner would be very helpful! I prefer students upload their notes as a .pdf, but it takes so many steps for them to do this right now.