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Due Date in Gradebook Header

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Due Date in Gradebook Header

Hi Canvas developers, we are requesting to have the "Due Date" show up in the Gradebook Header.


In making this 3rd label as short as possible, using short numeric format ( Due: 11/09/15 or 11/09/15 ) & the same small Font Size as the Points value would be ideal and helps when the gradebook is sorted by due date (to see the date).  Currently they get Title and Points value only.


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Good idea. Currently, some of my teachers include the due date in the assignment title.

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I should check, I am not sure if they do that yet, but that is a good temp solution.  Thank you Mary Ann

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Thank you for your submission,​. This idea will be open for vote in the next voting cycle. Smiley Happy

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Good idea.  I will certain vote for it.

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Follow-up to this Feature request ...

After thinking about Differentiated Assignments (DA), how would we be able to show the Due Date when there could be numerous due dates ... ?

  • Would it be a horrible view if the Header adjusted dynamically based on amount of due dates?
  • Maybe... if for Everyone (single due date), then list that date, else if DA, then list "Multiple" and A) user clicks on Multiple and the date show up in the grid (header expands vertically downward), or b) Hover effect shows multiple due dates.

Other ways to make this work?

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Before this gets open for votes on Dec 2nd, I wanted to suggest a better solution on this.....

Use the same Hover logic that is used on the Assignments View when hovering over the item label in the gradebook.  Right now the gradebook item label shows the same title when hovering:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.41.31 PM.png

Replace that with the "Due Date" Hover code from Assignments View.  Below is a single Due date and then a Differentiated Assignment Due Date (Hover):

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.33.21 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.33.30 PM.png

I think this will work for the needs of clients with and without Differentiated Assignments.


This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. December 2, 2015 - Wed. March 2, 2016.

Check out this doc for additional details about how the voting process works!

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Looks like the Hover for the Differential idea looks great, shows the necessary information, seems to be a lot of black space to the right, suggest lessen the window width to min reqt for the date format specified. Also, How about the Hover being shadowed for viewing of info behind. I cannot tell you how many times it has been frustrating having a hover window show up you do not know is there when what your eye is focused on reading is obliterated from sight by a Hover window.

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This would help when I am quickly looking ahead to assignments/grades!

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This would be how I would want to see this feature implemented. I had to adjust a 16 week course to fit into an 8 week schedule this semester, and since I had to combine some units into a single week, I now find myself referring back to the course schedule when I sit down to grade so that I can recall what was due the previous due date and differentiate between what needs grading and what has been turned in but was submitted early since I also allow the students to work ahead on some assignments.