Due Date in Gradebook Header

Hi Canvas developers, we are requesting to have the "Due Date" show up in the Gradebook Header.


In making this 3rd label as short as possible, using short numeric format ( Due: 11/09/15 or 11/09/15 ) & the same small Font Size as the Points value would be ideal and helps when the gradebook is sorted by due date (to see the date).  Currently they get Title and Points value only.


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Problem statement:

Is there a way to have the due dates under the assignment title in the teachers gradebook? Right now I have to have the canvas course open to modules so I can see the due dates I assigned. It would make it easier for me when reminding kids of missed work.

Proposed solution:

Have a toggle switch to have due dates appear or not on the teachers gradebook. This would be very helpful.

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