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[Files] Option to specify the visibility *time* when setting visibility dates

[Files] Option to specify the visibility *time* when setting visibility dates

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Someone posted this idea previously (Available From Date for Files), but it was archived, I assume because the title and description were not sufficiently detailed.

When you set a file's availability, you can only specify the dates. The file always displays or is hidden at 12 am on each date (per the attached image).  The date pickers used in Files should be the same as the date picker on most other pages in the system, allowing instructors to specify the date and time of availability.

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I agree with @TiffanyStull on this.  I know feature ideas are supposed to be limited to something specific, but I'd make the general comment/request that any date field should also support times, and the date picker displayed in the UI should be the same for every one of these fields (letting users pick a date and time without having to manually type in the box).


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Yes, I definitely agree @chriscas !  A consistent date picker (to include setting time to the minute) should be used for all tools.  Files just happened to be the tool where I encountered the issue.

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Community Team
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