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Peer Review for Group Assignments is broken and needs to be fixed to be an actual, usable feature.

I am fine with assigning reviews by individual students, but they need to be assigned a group (not an individual) to review. Currently students are sometimes given multiple members of the same group to review (not their own group), so they, therefore, see the same group assignment multiple times to review. We need them to review the assignments from different groups (so if we assign 4 peer reviews, they need to from 4 different groups).

Students cannot make any edits to their rubrics or comments once they have hit "enter/return."The students freak out and contact the teaching team who also cannot make any changes to their rubrics. We can delete their partial or duplicate comments. Students need to be able to edit their own peer reviews (or at least submit a newer one like they can with assignments).

Many students are unclear who they were assigned to peer review and/or if they have finished the review and want validation. I send them to this help page but the process needs to be clearer.

Students will make comments but forget to complete the rubrics and therefore be shown as having not completed the peer review. They need some message from Canvas to let them know their peer review is only partly complete (and it would help the teaching team if we knew because we have to look at each assigned peer review that is marked with an ! to see if it is really completely missing or only the rubric is missing. Another icon here would be extremely helpful.

The teaching team needs to be able to use Speed Grader to grade Peer Reviews the way we use it to grade discussion boards.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback about peer reviews and groups. We have a number of conversations already underway requesting specific enhancements to peer reviews, so we invite you to add your comments and ratings to:

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We've archived this one to remove the duplication and to keep the existing threads from branching off. Should you decide that none of the current conversations capture an enhancement you're hoping to see, please read through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? for guidance on writing singularly-focused prompts and searching the forum for existing discussions to join.

Thanks again.

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I agree totally. When doing peer review in groups, I want Canvas to automatically assign each student another group to peer review, or at least persons from different groups. My students should peer review 2 other groups. As it is now, my students sometimes get 2 members of the same group to review, so they get confused when they see the same group twice. Some students then copy-paste the same comment twice, some students are honest and ask me to manually assign them another peer to review, whereas some students are just confused and don't know what they have done wrong.